About PS 147/PS147について

We are happy to announce that we are working very closely with PS 147 to create the first ever Japanese dual language program in the NYC DOE!

01. PS147 facade

PS 147 is a little known school in District 14 with a lot of great things going for it.  The principal, Ms. Noyola, started her career with the DOE 20+ years ago, working her way from a para, to a classroom teacher, to a literacy coach, to an Assistant Principal, and now she’s been the Principal for 3 years at PS 147.  In her time there Ms. Noyola has implemented many wonderful changes to the school that have helped boost its performance and offerings to her families.  She increased enrollment from 200 to 310, and her school was 1 of 2 schools in the district that successfully fought off a second co-location. (They currently share a building with The Young Women’s Leadership School (TWYLS), an all girls middle school that will grow to a high school in the future).  Due to Ms. Noyola’s strong background in literacy, she does not believe in purchasing Common Core test prep curriculum for her students.

PS 147 is one of two Teacher’s College (TC) project schools affiliated with Columbia University.  The other is PS 414, Arbor School.  Staff members from TC come in on a monthly basis to work alongside the teachers in creating units of study that are Common Core aligned.  PS 147 has been using the “Go Math” curriculum long before they were endorsed as a NYC DOE Common Core curriculum.  Schools from around the city such as from Park Slope come to observe PS 147 teachers using this curriculum to learn from their best practices.

When you walk into the classrooms, you will see students reading self-selected / self-paced books and writing in notebooks versus filling out workbooks and reproducibles.  The staff follows a Reader / Writer Workshop model where students ebb and flow effortlessly from whole group instruction in reading strategies to individualized books where they implement said strategies on their own.  There’s a strong sense of ownership in the classrooms from students ranging from preK through the 5th grade classes.

Hydroponics LabHydroponics Lab - detail

The school’s theme is environmental engineering – they have a hydroponics lab gifted by a grant from Lowes, and they are working on raised outdoor gardens in collaboration with ECOstation.  They recently applied for a composting grant and are waiting to see if they’ve received it.  They have a partnership with CookShop who has a FreshDirect van come in with fresh fruits and vegetables and they teach the children to make simple recipes and also give cookshops to the parents.  The Bushwick Farmer’s Market is going to be at the school starting up in June again, and they do talks and workshops with the students and give coupons to the families to promote “real foods” in East Williamsburg.  The school has applied for a composting grant and a grant to bring healthy breakfasts and lunches to the campus for next school year.  Sustainability and healthy living are all elements that the principal is passionate about bringing to her community of families.

Music Class

Due to Ms. Noyola’s resourcefulness, and to having a dedicated community coordinator / grant writer, the school has partnerships with STREB, City Lore, Music and the Brain, Little Kids Rock, NurtureART, and many other organizations.  The students on average go on about 20 field trips a year. The school also received monies from City Council Member Diana Reyna to build a playground for the upper grades in a lot down the street, and there will be raised garden beds installed there this spring.  The lower grades play in the courtyard decorated with murals during recess.  She also converted a large space on the first floor into a gymnasium and hired a full time physical education teacher.

GymnasiumStreb leading class

We have personally visited this school 4 times and spoken / communicated with Ms. Noyola at least a dozen times in the past month since we first visited her school.  They have the largest, most spacious and most beautiful preK classrooms that we have seen so far.  All preK classrooms are double-sized with kids playing at a sand table, water table, playing with blocks, dramatic play, and even a listening area where kids can listen to music on headphones.  All students get music and Phys. Ed throughout the week and they do have recess for all students.  They have the a Robin Hood library filled with light, and bookshelves filled with books of all genres.  Every time that I’ve visited, the librarian (former literacy coach) is leading discussion circles with a group of students doing author studies, or using Mac laptops to do research with all students.

Pre-K water tableRobin Hood Library head librarian leading reading classNurtureArt mural

PS 147 has been given a rating as an “A” school in our district and we are proud to announce our partnership with them in creating the first ever Japanese dual-language program in the DOE for the fall of 2015.  This program will likely attract the growing Japanese families living in the Greenpoint / Williamsburg area and non-native families inside and outside of the district.  It will be interesting to see how the entire community of PS 147 is impacted by the creation of this innovative and new program.

PS147は沢山の素晴らしいプログラムのある学校です。ノヨラ校長先生は20年前にニューヨーク市の教育課に勤めて以来、一歩一歩キャリアアップを重ねて来た校長先生です。ニューヨーク市立校の先生として勤務した後、文学のコーチにキャリアアップを果たし、教頭先生として勤めた後、3年前に147の校長先生として迎え入れられました。ノヨラさんが同校の校長先生になってからは、数知れない程の学校改善が行われ、200人しかいなかった生徒は、この3年間で310人まで増え、同学区では数少ないco-locationも獲得しました。現在はThe Young Women’s Leadership School (TWYLS)(現在は女子中学校ですが将来的に女子中学と高等学校に成長する見込み)と隣接しているビルを共用しています。

PS147はコロンビア大学のTeacher’s College (TC) projectと提供している同学区内の二つの学校の内の一つです。もう一つの学校はPS414、ブルックリンアーバースクールです。TCからスタッフメンバーが月に一度学校を訪れ、先生と協力してCommon Coreの補助の授業内容を作成します。PS147は “Go Math”カリキュラムをNYC DOE Common Coreが導入する前から導入していた学校として知られ、ニューヨーク中から沢山の学校が、PS147に訪問し同校の先生達がこのカリキュラムを通して教えている現場を観察しています。同校はVisual Thinking Strategiesとのパートナーシップを通し、アートワーク見て、それをアナライズし、より深く理解をする力を深めると行ったような授業も行っています。

生徒達は皆、好きな本を自分のペースで読み自分なりの感想文を書くなど、個人のペースが尊重されています。これはReader / Writer Workshopのモデルに従ったもので、生徒達が自分たちだけの考えや理解の仕方をよりいっそう深める事が出来るという考えを元にしたメソッドです。(既にクラスで選ばれた同じ本を全員が読むのでなく、自分たちで選んだ本を自身で読む事により、より本の内容への理解が深まる、というモデル)

同校はエコな環境を重視しており、Lowesからの寄付により設置したハイドロポニックラボで植物や野菜を育てています。現在ECOstationと協力して外に植えるまでの段階の成長過程を観察する施設を作っています。コンポストの奨学金にも応募し、グラントが頂けると、来年度より子供達に、より健康的な朝ご飯とお昼ご飯が支給されます。同校はCookshopとのパートナーシップがあり、fresh directから送られて来る野菜を使って子供たちにクッキングのクラスを提供しています。週末には、保護者を含めた健康的な食事を作るワークショップも開催しています。

6月から11月までの間にはThe Bushwick Farmer’s Marketが週に一度、学校の敷地内で開催され、それに従いファーマーの方達による同校生徒に対するレクチャーなどの開催や、保護者が利用できるクーポンを配布し、在校生の家族に“健康な食生活”を促進しています。校長先生は健康的な食事と、よりサステイナブル(自給自足的)な生活を子供達やコミュニティーに広めたいと考えています。

PS147は平均して年間20回ほどの遠足に行きます。そしてノヨラ校長の知識の豊富さと、それをサポートするスタッフのおかげで、幾つかの援助金も獲得しました。Diana Reynaより校内に上級生用のプレイグランドの寄付や、今年春オープン予定のガーデンの寄付、その他、Streb, City Lore World Rhythms, Music and the Brain, Little Kids Rock Guitar, Nurture Art,など素晴らしい組織とのパートナーシップもあります。


ノヨラ校長先生の文学バックグラウンドにより図書館には特に力を入れています。自然光がたくさん入り明るく、木の素材を中心に使われたRobin Hood図書館には厳選された本がたくさん置かれています。





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