Japanese Festival (Feb 8, 2017)

On February 8, 2017, the children of the Japanese Dual-Language Program and their amazing teachers along with Principal Sandie Noyola and Vice Principal Eliza Figueroa welcomed Ms. Peggy Cherng (Co-Chair and Co-CEO of the Panda Group), Ms. Alicja Winnicki (Superintendent of DOE Distarict 14), Mr. Antonio Reynoso(District 34 City Council member), Mr. Jeffery Miller (Japan Society), Mr. Takashi Takuta (COO from Kodansha USA Inc.), Mr. Masaru Sato (Director and Deputy Consul General from the General Consulate of Japan in New York), Senior EDU Client Partner Ms. Christina McGuey (NY Franklin Covey Education) as well as parents and friends to a wonderful assembly celebrating the culture of Japan with songs, dances and a performance of traditional Japanese theater

This amazing performance was arranged to thank the Panda Group, who generously “adopted” PS 147, providing funding for ALL PS 147 students to receive Franklin Covey Education’s “Leader in Me” curriculum, designed to further character development and leadership skills, and to promote PS 147’s commitment to diversity and multiculturalism.  

The program started with both the Kindergarten and First Grade JDLP classes joining together to demonstrate literacy skills with two songs about the Japanese alphabet.  The Kindergarten JDLP class performed “Harapeko Aomushi”, or “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and the First Grade JDLP class performed “Kuma-San, Kuma-San”, or “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?”.  PS 147’s other two Kindergarten classes then performed two songs, “Oshogatsu” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” that they’d worked hard to learn!  

The highlight of the performance was the Kindergarten and First Grade’s impressively choreographed performance of So-ran Bushi!  As the introduction mentioned, the children practiced and worked together to make this a great performance and a wonderful end to the Japanese Festival. 

We continue to be amazed by how much the children are learning and growing together, and are so thankful for Kudo-Sensei, Ms. Acosta and Ms. Lepore, as well as the support and dedication of Ms. Noyola, Ms. Figueroa, Mr. Malko, and all of the other school staff who helped make this event possible through all of their hard work.  We most wholeheartedly thank Panda Group for their generosity, Kodannsha, Japan Society, and the General Consulate of Japan in New York for their ongoing support.  Although we can hardly believe how much the JDLP has grown in the past two years, this event helped highlight that for us, and we know that with the energy and enthusiasm of Kudo-sensei and the amazing faculty at PS 147, we will continue to grow and succeed, along with our children!

2月8日にNoyola校長Figueroa副校長先生方をはじめに日本語DLPプログラムの生徒さんと先生方が以下ゲストの方々を迎え日本の歌、ダンスなどを披露しました。Ms. Peggy Cherng (Panda Group Co-Chair/Co-CEO), Ms.Alicja Winnicki (Superintendent of DOE Distarict 14), Mr. Antonio Reynoso (District 34 City Council member), Ms. Christina McGuey (NY Franklin Covey Education), Mr. Jeffery Miller (Japan Society), 作田貴志様 (講談社USA最高執行責任者), 佐藤優様(日本大使館様)

今年に入り、Panda Groupが私達の学校を採択されたことにより全てのPS147生徒さん達のへ資金調達されることになりました。今回はそれへの感謝を含めたイベントです。この資金はFranklin Covey Education’s “Leader in Me” curriculumといった、リーダーを作り上げる人格開発を促進したカリキュラムにあてられ、この学校に大切である多用人種・文化を促進するためを目的に使われる予定であります。

DLP1年生はくまさん、くまさん、(Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?)キンダーのクラスは’Very Hungry Caterpillar’などの本を日本語で暗唱しました。又、DLPだけではなく他のレギュラーのクラスの生徒さん達も’Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’と日本語の入った歌 お正月を歌いましたを歌いました。



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