Acquiring Japanese assistant teacher through J-Leap grant

Hello, friends! We’re so pleased to announce that PS 147’s JDLP program has been awarded The Japan Foundation of Los Angeles’s J-LEAP grant starting in the 2017-2018 school year! Through this grant, formally named the Japanese Language Education Assistant Program, the foundation will provide an assistant teacher for two school years, all expenses paid! You can learn more about the J-LEAP program, the grant and its goals here: We can’t wait to welcome our assistant teacher, who will be a great new addition to our growing program!

皆様、こんにちは!今日の147吉報情報はThe Japan Foundation of Los Angeles’s J-LEAP grant を得られたことです。こちらの機関からアシスタントになられる日本語の先生を2017-2018年に渡り資金などを含め全てをサポートして頂く事になります。詳細の方はこちらのリンクでご覧になってくださいませ。このプログムの拡大と共ない、アシスタントの方がお手伝いして頂くのは楽しみであります。

Japanese Festival (Feb 8, 2017)

On February 8, 2017, the children of the Japanese Dual-Language Program and their amazing teachers along with Principal Sandie Noyola and Vice Principal Eliza Figueroa welcomed Ms. Peggy Cherng (Co-Chair and Co-CEO of the Panda Group), Ms. Alicja Winnicki (Superintendent of DOE Distarict 14), Mr. Antonio Reynoso(District 34 City Council member), Mr. Jeffery Miller (Japan Society), Mr. Takashi Takuta (COO from Kodansha USA Inc.), Mr. Masaru Sato (Director and Deputy Consul General from the General Consulate of Japan in New York), Senior EDU Client Partner Ms. Christina McGuey (NY Franklin Covey Education) as well as parents and friends to a wonderful assembly celebrating the culture of Japan with songs, dances and a performance of traditional Japanese theater

This amazing performance was arranged to thank the Panda Group, who generously “adopted” PS 147, providing funding for ALL PS 147 students to receive Franklin Covey Education’s “Leader in Me” curriculum, designed to further character development and leadership skills, and to promote PS 147’s commitment to diversity and multiculturalism.  

The program started with both the Kindergarten and First Grade JDLP classes joining together to demonstrate literacy skills with two songs about the Japanese alphabet.  The Kindergarten JDLP class performed “Harapeko Aomushi”, or “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and the First Grade JDLP class performed “Kuma-San, Kuma-San”, or “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?”.  PS 147’s other two Kindergarten classes then performed two songs, “Oshogatsu” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” that they’d worked hard to learn!  

The highlight of the performance was the Kindergarten and First Grade’s impressively choreographed performance of So-ran Bushi!  As the introduction mentioned, the children practiced and worked together to make this a great performance and a wonderful end to the Japanese Festival. 

We continue to be amazed by how much the children are learning and growing together, and are so thankful for Kudo-Sensei, Ms. Acosta and Ms. Lepore, as well as the support and dedication of Ms. Noyola, Ms. Figueroa, Mr. Malko, and all of the other school staff who helped make this event possible through all of their hard work.  We most wholeheartedly thank Panda Group for their generosity, Kodannsha, Japan Society, and the General Consulate of Japan in New York for their ongoing support.  Although we can hardly believe how much the JDLP has grown in the past two years, this event helped highlight that for us, and we know that with the energy and enthusiasm of Kudo-sensei and the amazing faculty at PS 147, we will continue to grow and succeed, along with our children!

2月8日にNoyola校長Figueroa副校長先生方をはじめに日本語DLPプログラムの生徒さんと先生方が以下ゲストの方々を迎え日本の歌、ダンスなどを披露しました。Ms. Peggy Cherng (Panda Group Co-Chair/Co-CEO), Ms.Alicja Winnicki (Superintendent of DOE Distarict 14), Mr. Antonio Reynoso (District 34 City Council member), Ms. Christina McGuey (NY Franklin Covey Education), Mr. Jeffery Miller (Japan Society), 作田貴志様 (講談社USA最高執行責任者), 佐藤優様(日本大使館様)

今年に入り、Panda Groupが私達の学校を採択されたことにより全てのPS147生徒さん達のへ資金調達されることになりました。今回はそれへの感謝を含めたイベントです。この資金はFranklin Covey Education’s “Leader in Me” curriculumといった、リーダーを作り上げる人格開発を促進したカリキュラムにあてられ、この学校に大切である多用人種・文化を促進するためを目的に使われる予定であります。

DLP1年生はくまさん、くまさん、(Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?)キンダーのクラスは’Very Hungry Caterpillar’などの本を日本語で暗唱しました。又、DLPだけではなく他のレギュラーのクラスの生徒さん達も’Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’と日本語の入った歌 お正月を歌いましたを歌いました。



講談社イベントKodansha event 

Happy new year! We continue to report what’s happening at PS147 in 2017.

This past December, PS147 and the Japanese consulate here in NY hosted a breakfast event along with Kodansha USA Inc.  Mr. Takashi Sakuta, the company’s COO, was present to represent this renowned Japanese publisher as they donated many wonderful Japanese books to our school. The event proceeded with a congenial mood as everyone felt welcomed, including our JDLP parents. Greetings from our principle Noyola as well as Ms.Takahashi from the consulate were exchanged first. Then, Mr. Sakuta made a very personal speech, his message carried through generations- the company’s purpose to continue the beauty of reading through books. After the breakfast, the group moved on to observing the first grade and kindergarten DLP classes, both taught by Ms. Kudo. All the kids were very excited by their visitors – some of them went up to give hugs. The students presented Mr. Takahashi with a gift, a large framed panel that showcased the students’ art works.

For the Japanese consulate staff, this was the second time they had the opportunity to meet the kids (first time was during the Japanese first lady’s visit). I recalled Ms. Takahashi’s words saying ‘they’ve grown since the last time.’  Clearly, we all look forward to their future growth together here at PS147. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift as well as the event, once again, with generous help by the Japanese consulate. 




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DLP (first grade)


Mr. Sakuta getting hugs!


DLP (kindergarten)


2017年度 日本語バイリンガルプログラムの申し込みコードは 14K147JA です。/2017-2018 year Japanese DLP enrollment code is 14K147JA

日本語バイリンガルプログラムの申し込みコードがkindergarten connectに記載されています。

2017年度にキンダーガーテンに入学の資格があるお子様で、日本語バイリンガルプログラムにご興味のある方は、DOEの申し込みの際にPS147の 14K147JA を選んでください。

If you are interested in enrolling your child to Japanese DLP for 2017 -2018 school year, please use the code “14K147JA” to apply to the program on your application. 

Thank you for your interests!


PS147 Open House Dates オープンハウスの日程

オープンハウスの日程が公表されました。詳細は下記になります。(この日付けは変更の場合もございますので、確認の電話を直接学校の方へお問い合わせください) 現在DLPのお母さんやお父さん達も何人か参加する予定ですので直接質問がお聞き出来る良い機会です。ふるってご参加ください。おまちしております!

PS 147 just announced tentative open house dates. (Please contact school to confirm the date). There should be a few DLP existing moms/dads who can assist your tour and answer your questions in person. It is a great opportunity to see the school and the classroom in action. So come join us!

November 18, 2016
December 16, 2016
January 20, 2017
February 10, 2017
March 17, 2017
April 21, 2017
May 19, 2017

Time: 9am – 10:30am
Address:The Isaac Remsen School 147 (325 Bushwick Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11206)
For more info: Please call school at 718-497-0326


NY総領事館から安倍夫人の学校訪問の記事が配信されました。/ The news about Mrs. Abe’s visit is on Japanese Embassy’s news letter!


There is an article about Mrs.Abe’s school visit on 9/17 on Japanese Embassy’s newsletter !  You can find the article here.




PS147 JDLP will be there at Schoolfest (OCT 1st 12-4pm)

We are participating at schoolfest this year again. We have a booth set up, so please come by! There will be someone to answer your questions from the DLP between 1-3pm.


Ticket info: